Perfect Sunday

Montrose Harbor, Chicago

Sunday was a day of perfection. I had a 10-mile run scheduled with friends Peter and Joanne taking off from one of my favorite parts of the running path, the portion that starts at Montrose Harbor, goes south, then circles around Belmont Harbor.

Driving to the meeting point, I knew it’d be a perfect day. I found myself partaking in another loved Chicago tradition — driving down Lake Shore Drive, windows down, music blaring and sun hitting my face.

The weather was absolutely perfect for a long run. Plenty warm, but not hot. Nice breeze, but not windy. And sunny, but not scorching.

As usual, the conversation was lively and made the time pass by extremely fast. We talked about politics, family, entertaining and jobs. But mostly we talked about the beauty surrounding us on every turn. The sky was a majestic blue and blended perfectly with the slightly darker shade blue coming from the water creating an almost non-existent horizon. The trees and flowers were in near-full bloom all around us creating a gorgeous palette of brilliant colors that seemed to really glow and force you to take notice. (I’m starting to forgive Mother Nature for all of the rain she’s given us the past few weeks. But don’t tell her)

The northern part of the 18-mile running path is one of my favorites, what with the skyline in the distance creating a contrasting, but beautiful backdrop to the manicured golf courses, bird sanctuaries and parks lining the lakefront. It’s also far less congested than the portion of the path south of Belmont, resulting in a more relaxed environment. Nothing can ruin my happy-place, runners high faster than a surly biker zipping past screaming, “COMING THROUGH!! OUT OF THE WAY!!” I often wonder if some of the bikers, if and when they run, push small children out of the way just because they can.

Sunday’s run was so perfect and put me in such a great mood, I wasn’t even upset when on the way home multiple cars cut in front of me forcing me to miss my exit onto I-55. I happily continued on, down Lake Shore Drive, listening to my tunes while the sun warmed my face.


About travelerontherun

I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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