Maiden voyage, part 2

Brian woke up before me on our first morning in the RV. I have to say, the bed is mighty comfortable, and warm too! The temps dropped to about 50 degrees during the night but we hadn’t turned on the gas to run the heat since we planned to pull out so early in the morning to find a replacement to the missing drainage plug (see part one). I was comfortable, Brian not so much. But I was also the one in a long-sleeved shirt.

We headed out at about 7:45 a.m. The hardware store was to open at 8. Walkerton, the nearest town to Potato Creek, where the hardware store was located, is a tiny little town with an even tinier Main Street. Going early was good for a few reasons, first and foremost, I think we took up every parking spot on Main Street parking curb side across several parking spots that were marked perpendicular to the curb.

The city girl in me kept expecting a policeman to come knocking on the window: “You can’t park here, you’ve got to move this thing.” Then me, getting a real quick lesson on driving a rig, would have to move it. Luckily, no cops came since I decided I would have likely ended up in a town 50 miles away since all I could do was drive straight and take no turns.

After about 20 minutes, Brian came walking around the corner waving for me to come out. Not knowing what size plug we needed, he bought three different sizes and told the clerk he would be back within 10 minutes to return two of them. The first one he tried fit! Drain is plugged at last!

After a stop for gas, another stop for food (we decided it would take too long to get set back up before we were able to cook breakfast), another stop to the grocery store to replace the dozen eggs that fell to their death when the refrigerator door was opened (yes, things shift while the trailer is in motion – who knew?) we made our way back to the fresh water fill station.

As we pulled in, I shook my fist and told that fill station we would win this round, and I hoped I was right.

We pulled the necessary supplies out of the storage area, hooked up the filter, inserted the hose and held our collective breaths. When we turned on the spigot and heard nothing spilling on the ground, victory was ours, indeed. But we were careful to declare victory over only the battle and not the war.

Next we discovered it is much easier to back in and direct someone backing in when it’s light out. We got hooked back up with no issue and then it was time to start the water pump and fill the hot water heater.

We turned all the faucets on, as instructed, and started the water pump. It was definitely pumping, but after a few minutes of the trickle of water never turning to a stream, we thought maybe there was a problem. We shut it off and consulted the trouble shooting portion of the owner’s manual. The only possible solution we could come up with was that the hot water heater by-pass valve was turned on. But that wouldn’t explain why there was no full stream of cold water. So we turned the pump back on, decided we just didn’t give it enough time.

About 10 minutes later, I decided to walk to the other side of the camper to check that bypass valve just in case. Nevermind that that valve is actually located inside the rig, not out! But I came around the back of the camper and started walking towards the front when I saw a waterfall coming down the side of the camper.




Once the pump was shut off, the water slowly came to a stop and I opened up the panel where it was coming from to see a big white pipe sticking out, wide-freakin’ open with no plug, and water dribbling out. Next to it, on a little ledge inside the panel, was a big white plug that looked like it would fit said big white pipe perfectly. I didn’t know what that pipe was, but I assumed it wasn’t supposed to be open.

And next to the big white plug? A small black plug that looked the same size as the one purchased earlier that morning to plug the fresh water drain.

Well. Isn’t this just freaking awesome.

We can only assume the plugs were placed inside that panel door for safe keeping. You know, because small plugs like that could easily become lost! In the rush to get us out the door the night we picked it up from the dealer, they must have forgotten to replace the plugs after emptying the tanks. Oh, the second pipe, by the way, was the drain to empty the hot water heater. Since there was no plug, the water was being pushed through to the hot water heated and directly out the open pipe.

Sense of humor. Sense of humor. Where is that fricken sense of humor?!

Once again, we got the drains plugged. But this time, we only had a half tank of water since the rest of it was in a puddle next to the trailer. But even with a mere half tank, the water was much easier to pressurize with all of the plugs in place to contain it. Imagine that!

Once the flow of water was finally, FINALLY, streaming, we decided the first thing we should do was make a pot of coffee. Oh how we needed that coffee. Once the coffee restored our energy and spirit, we completed the rest of our campsite set up, complete with our parrot head string lights and red checkered tablecloth. Now we’re camping!!

Enjoying a warm cup of coffee once we were finally set up

A little while later we decided it was time to prepare our first meal inside the trailer. I wanted to use the outside kitchen but decided against it since it was raining. But another lesson learned – no matter how many windows you open or how many fans are turned on, frying burgers on a griddle creates a lot of smoke. So, um…yeah. The smoke alarm works. As does the outdoor kitchen, even in the rain, which is where we headed after being blasted out by a loud siren inside.

Time for a beer and campfire.

Nothing more therapeutic than a nice campfire. We were finally able to relax. Even the dogs got the relaxation memo.

Macy dog.

Maya Dog

Part three coming next…..


About travelerontherun

I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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