Maiden voyage, part three

With limited water (see Part One and Part Two) we decided not to chance getting soaped up in the shower only to run out of water. So we both showered in the bath house, which was nice since a loooong hot shower was desperately needed.

Before going to bed, after rain interrupted the long-anticipated campfire, I prepared stuff for the Mother’s Day brunch we planned for the next day. The next morning we woke up to perfect weather. I took the dogs on a long walk before starting the final prep and cooking for my family’s arrival. I got to test out the oven with a casserole dish. All went well. I remembered to light the pilot so it heated up pretty quickly and cooked the casserole in the time it was supposed to, according to the recipe. The testing of the griddle on the outdoor stove top didn’t go as smoothly.

The griddle was a bit too big for the burners so it hung over a bit too close to the temperature knobs. The heat from the griddle melted the area around the knobs. 😦 You know how it is when you get a new car. You wait for the first ding which will inevitably happen. When the ding happens, it stings, but once it’s done you can relax knowing the car is now officially broken in. So, this was the RV equivalent. The damage was minor but I still get sad every time I see it.

Brunch turned out great. I think Mom and Grandma had a nice time. Potato Creek has a late check-out of 5pm on Sundays so we had the whole day to spend there with no extra charge. A nice little perk to staying there!

The limited water supply was exhausted about mid-way through doing the dishes. But another great feature to the RV is the cover that goes over the sink. The unwashed dished were left in the sink, the cover was placed over the top and badda bing- dishes done! Unfortunately they did not magically wash themselves during the trip home (how much to add THAT feature?) so I had to transport them all inside the house when we got home, but fortunately I have a dishwasher.

Breaking camp went pretty smooth. I created a checklist that we used to make sure we don’t do something dumb like leave with the slide still out or the steps still down. The next major maiden voyage milestone was emptying the black and grey tanks.

We pulled up, re-read the steps involved with the process and both of us, rubber-gloved and nervous, hooked up the hose, pulled the release valve, held our breath and looked at the blue hose. We could hear the “contents” emptying, the hose was keeping it’s place in the hole, the other end remained connected to the pipe. Well I’ll be damned, we are emptying our tanks! With no issues! The one thing that gave me the most anxiety before the trip ended up being the thing that went the smoothest all weekend! Go figure!

On a side note, we were pretty darned lucky because a few days after we got back, Brian was installing the Biffy Bidet on the toilet and had to empty the black tank after he was done testing it out. THANK GOD the tank had only fresh water in it since he was only flushing for testing purposes because of what happened next.

There was a little metal bracket that we discovered after we had emptied the tank at Potato Creek and thought, “Oh, I guess that is to ensure the hose stays attached to the connector that hooks to the sewer tank release pipe.” Since we were already finished with the draining, we threw the bracket back in the rubber storage bin and forgot about it. Flash forward to post-Biffy installation and Brian hooked up the hose, connected it to the release pipe, pulled open the valve and the hose went shooting away from the pipe as water spewed straight out and all over Brian’s legs. He shut off the release valve immediately and after we stopped laughing he said, “Remember that bracket thing? Can you go find it please?” Once he had it in place and all was once again well with the world, he pictured the scene that would have ensued had the same thing happened at Potato Creek. Can you say crappy mess? Shitty mistake, if you will.

So, back to Potato Creek, the drainage went well with no incident and we were on our way. But we had a few more lessons once we got home. When I went inside I noticed the bathroom door was open and the towels that had been hanging on the back were scattered about the bathroom. I realized I had pulled the door shut but had not pulled it to completely latch shut. It very well could have broken the shower door. But it didn’t, and the lesson was learned. I also noticed the TV which is on a swivel to turn towards the bed or towards the kitchen area, had been swiveling and turning the whole ride home. There’s a slide lock which I had slid up but did not lock into place, so once we got moving, it slid down and came unlocked. OOPS! Again, nothing broke, but lesson was learned.

Nothing broke, but lessons learned – that should be the theme of the trip. But I think we’ll call the maiden voyage a success. The fun we had in addition to the learning was just icing.


About travelerontherun

I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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