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Up creek without a paddle

My aunt Donna is the one person I can always count on to provide an adventure. The phrase “off the beaten path” was invented for people like her as she would much rather see the view or have the experience … Continue reading

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Pickin’ some fine art

The thing Mountain View, Arkansas is known for is its folk music. Named the Folk Music Capital of the World, you can’t go anywhere ’round these parts without being reminded of its musical roots. On Friday night the place to … Continue reading

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The spring after my grandfather, my mom’s dad, passed away, I, my parents and my aunt Donna from California came down to where he was buried to plant flowers in front of his headstone, which we were all seeing for … Continue reading

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Boondocking and Buffett

I usually have a hard time admitting when I am wrong, but I’ll make an exception and say here and now – I was wrong. Since before we even purchased the trailer, Brian has been talking about taking it to … Continue reading

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Plenty of hugs to go around

The reunion was a huge success. Not only did I make it through the night without flashing my spanx or falling down, but had great fun, too. As I mentioned before, I have reconnected with many people through Facebook but … Continue reading

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That magic…it’ll cost ya

Tomorrow is the party I and my former high school classmates have been waiting two decades to attend: The 20-year class reunion. The dynamic is much different from the 10-year reunion, which I did not attend since the two people … Continue reading

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Long days that go by too fast

We returned from vacation yesterday afternoon feeling rested and rejuvenated but not quite ready to return to work. But I guess work is a necessary evil if we are to make those RV payments each month 🙂 As I was … Continue reading

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