Vacation crashers

After a fun holiday weekend at the farm, our official vacation started on Tuesday. When Brian and I started planning this vacation about a month ago we knew we wanted to take the camper somewhere but weren’t sure where we wanted to go.

We briefly considered Starved Rock since neither of us has been there but heard great things about it. But we decided that might be a better weekend trip, especially for our first visit, rather than committing to an almost week-long visit.

We really enjoyed our time at Indian Trails in Pardeeville a few weeks ago and knew we could see ourselves staying there for a few days, so we decided to return.

Because of the storms and pier damage in Kenosha, Jim and Cheryl and Jim’s parents were looking for alternate vacation plans as they had planned a week-long trip across Lake Michigan on their boat. Brian suggested they come camping and as the idea settled in they asked if we minded some company on vacation. Of course not, we said! The more the merrier!

One call to the campground to change from a single site to three sites next to each other, and a call to an RV rental place to reserve a motorhome later and we had our first vacation with vacation crashers planned! It was pretty nice how things came together so nicely, and quickly.

Since our campsite was open on Monday the campground allowed us to drop off the trailer a day early when we left the farm, about 40 minutes away. They didn’t charge anything for the site, but we took the option of paying $3 to hook our power up. Hell of a bargain when compared to the gas money we would have spent by not hauling the trailer home and back again.

The site, while nice, is not as ideal as the other site we stayed in last time and nowhere near as level. After about 45 minutes of trying to park and unhitch, we got a quick lesson on the art of leveling.

We drove home Monday night to pack up a few more things and pick up the dogs from the kennel Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon, about an hour after our fellow campers arrived, we were back in Pardeeville setting up camp. We got there just in time as it started downpouring about 45 minutes after we arrived.

It’s now end of the day Thursday and the weather has been perfect. I got in a nice four-mile run yesterday morning. I tried for five today but a cramp in my hips limited my distance to a mile. My hip was feeling better this afternoon so Cheryl and I walked another three miles before dinner. The road going around the lake in the center of the campground is exactly one mile, according to my Nike+ contraption, so it makes it really easy to set workout goals and measure distance.

I hope to run or hike part of the Ice Age trail tomorrow but will settle for five laps around the lake instead if the hike doesn’t happen. We are down to half our vacation left to enjoy with our unexpected-but-glad-they-are-here company, and have had a great time so far.


About travelerontherun

I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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