Boondocking and Buffett

I usually have a hard time admitting when I am wrong, but I’ll make an exception and say here and now – I was wrong.

Since before we even purchased the trailer, Brian has been talking about taking it to Toyota Park for the Jimmy Buffett tailgating party, which was this past Saturday. We had a great time last year tailgating in the car side of the parking lot with friends and I figured why mess with a good thing. I also did not like the idea of having to drive home after the show, which is why we hired a car last year, so the thought of driving home and pulling The Beast behind us did not sound smart, safe or any fun at all. So every time Brian brought it up, I would quickly dismiss the idea.

After we discovered that the RV parking fee of $200 included overnight parking, I started warming up to the idea. I remembered waiting in line for 20 minutes last year for the privilege of squatting over a port-a-pot toilet seat hoping to God my arse didn’t come close to touching anything. Try doing that after a few margaritas, and well, let’s just say it’s not easy or fun. So the idea of having my own toilet, that I could actually sit on, sounded quite attractive.

I knew the outdoor kitchen would also be ideal for a tailgating scenario, and it was. It was also the must-see attraction of the north end of the RV lot for everyone who walked by. I’m a little frightened of the pictures that might end up on the Interwebs by people walking by, snapping photos of our kitchen with me in the shot muddling mojitos! But it also was a great way to meet new Parrotheads as it was the perfect conversation starter for those walking by.

Speaking of those mojitos, I can’t count how many pitchers of them I made. They were also a good conversation starter, as in, “Wow, those look mighty tasty. What would it take to get you to make one for me??” I never realized the value of a freshly muddled mojito when it comes to bartering goods. In exchange for mojitos, I got a shark fin hat, a portabella mushroom appetizer, use of an air pump to blow up my inflatable palm tree and a tray of the most potent jello shots I have ever tasted. 🙂

This trip was also our first boondocking experience. Boondocking, by the way, is a word that was not part of my vernacular prior to being an RV owner, but means dry, self-sufficient camping without any hookups. We did, however, bring our (very loud) generator so we would have enough power to run the A/C and blenders 🙂 We lucked out and got a spot at the end of a parking row so we were able to put the generator on the opposite side of the rig so we could at least hear each other speak. Brian and his brother got there at 9:15 am, just 15 minutes after they opened the gate, to score that spot, but I think it was worth the early morning wake up call.

With my confession that I was wrong, I’m going to say that I think we have started a new tradition in Buffett tailgating. A fun time was had by all. We had a group of about 8 or so people and a nice, big 22′ x 45′ slice of concrete where we set up the grill, the bags, the ladder ball and outdoor seating and just enjoyed being in good Parrothead company for the day. After the blenders were empty and the inflatable pools around the parking lot were drained and the show came to an end, we simply walked inside and crawled into bed.

Yep, an RV is definitely the way to go to a Buffett tailgating party.

Welcome to Margaritaville!!

Fans that took the "Fin Land" theme and ran with it.

Things can get a little hot by the grill.

Fire truck tailgaters.


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