Halloween weekend, Take One

Editors note: I wrote this Monday evening and thought it posted then but, apparently, it did not.

After my week of domestic achievements, I was ready for a weekend of camping. We headed north to Pardeeville, Wisc. for the fourth trip to Indian Trails campground.
It’s now Monday evening and I’m actually still at Indian Trails as we extended our trip for two days since Brian had business in Madison early in the week. I was very grateful to my boss who allowed me to work remotely Monday and Tuesday from what is now referred to as The Mobile Command Center.

It was Halloween weekend here at Indian Trails so we brought stuff to decorate the campsite, costumes to decorate ourselves, and candy to hand out to all the trick-or-treaters. We did some trick-or-treating drinking ourselves as many of the campsites had an adult table with libations in addition to the kids’ table. There was also a haunted house and a costume dance — we did it all. On Sunday, we had breakfast inside since it was raining really hard. But after it stopped, we moved the party back outside and set up the TV outside to watch the Bears game.

We had a great time…so great, Brian decided he wants to stay through next weekend. They have three Halloween weekends, this was the second. He is going to take me back to Chicago Wednesday morning and he’s coming back for the rest of the week to camp by himself. I’ll meet him back up here Friday. I wish I could stay all week, too, but didn’t want to press my luck with the working remote thing.

As with every other trip we have made to Indian Trails, Jim and Cheryl were with us this weekend. It’s actually a little lonely without our partners in crime here with us now! Especially since the campground turned into a virtual ghost town by noon Sunday. It’s literally our and four other sites that are occupied. The other ones are on the other side of the lake so we don’t even have neighbors. Today I was fine since it was raining all day and we were working anyway. So we were both inside the camper with the exception of the approximate two hours I was up at the office/clubhouse/restaurant. Our side of the lake is apparently the “dead zone” when it comes to cell coverage, so I went up there to do a scheduled phone interview and finish up some other work-related stuff.
It’s supposed to be a little nicer weather-wise tomorrow so it’ll be more difficult to get work done as I stare at the hiking trails behind our campsite that are begging for me to come do a trail run. Hopefully there will be time for both business and pleasure 🙂
A few pictures from the weekend:

Our site, all decked out in Halloween decorations.

Everyone decorated their sites for the Trick-or-treating, this was our site.

Trick-or-treating around the campground

Haunted house

Campers lining up for the haunted house.

So, as we were walking around in our costumes, none of the kids knew what we were, but we were a big hit among the parents, one of whom said we were showing our age by our costumes. Show your own age and see if you can guess who we were.

Me and Cheryl in our SNL-inspired costumes

In a few days, we get to do it all over again!!


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I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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