In Planning Mode

Last April, as soon as we signed the papers to order our travel trailer, I dreamed of traveling south, pulling the trailer behind us to Florida and parking it in one of the beach-front campgrounds we had seen a few months earlier on a trip to the Florida Keys.

Realizing we had very little RV knowledge, we talked about a trip like that as something we would do, at the earliest, next year after we got our proverbial feet wet in the RVing thang.

About two weeks ago, Brian found out he would be getting the week of Thanksgiving off as a week of paid vacation as a thank you for hard work this year – how cool is THAT?! There really are companies that value hard work AND work-life balance! He had another week of earned time off he could take the week after Thanksgiving, and I was able to switch the two weeks I planned to take at Christmas, so we both had two weeks off! We decided that called for a little trip planning and that’s when we concocted the crazy idea of delaying the winterizing of our trailer so we could pull it south – a whole year earlier than planned!

I’ve read in several places that Florida has some of the best state parks of any of the 50 states. But they are so nice — and affordable, compared to comparable private campgrounds — they book up many months in advance. Bahia Honda State Park, the park we’ve had our eyes on since driving by it a year ago during a trip to Key West, was, indeed, booked solid. I looked for other parks in the Keys, which were also booked solid, but after a couple days of checking back, a site at Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo opened up for three nights. I jumped on it.

We’ve been busy the past week or so building a trip around those three days in Key Largo, since that will be the furthest destination on the trip. I have so far made reservations at St. George Island, a state park in Apalachicola Bay in the Panhandle, and also at a KOA in St. Augustine. The Anastasia State Park near St. Augustine was booked. We’re going to try to make it to Mobile, AL on the way down and Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, as well as the Smokey Mountains, coming back.

This will be the first Thanksgiving spent vacationing. Well, vacationing somewhere else besides the homes of family members who live elsewhere. This will, obviously, also be the first Thanksgiving spent in an RV, so pulling off a Thanksgiving dinner in a 4×2 kitchen will be quite the challenge, but it’ll be fun.

Not the way I envisioned us ending the RV season, or spending Thanksgiving, quite frankly, but no complaints here! I just wish I had enough vacation time to stay south until after Christmas. But after this trip, less than four weeks will remain until l get a whole new year’s worth of vacation time to blow! I guess I better get this trip planned before I start thinking about next year!!


In other news, today at lunch I went to visit my friend (and co-worker) Kathy, who was hit by the taxi cab last week. She was out of bed and sitting in a reclining chair for the first time since the accident, which was great. She will be bedridden for many, many weeks as she recovers from two broken legs, one of which is really, really bad, a broken shoulder, a big gash on her head and bruises all over her body. In another few days she will be moved to an in-patient rehabilitation center and the really hard part of her recovery will begin. All you praying types, please say one for her. She’s going to need all the prayers she can get. I have also been saying prayers of thanks. I very easily could have been going to a funeral instead of a hospital today.


About travelerontherun

I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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