Chicago in the fall

… The best time to people-watch in the city.

It cracks me up every year to see how enormous the difference 60 degrees in November is from 60 degrees in, say, April. In the Spring when the temps reach 60, everyone acts as if it’s the Fourth of July. Ladies will be sporting short skirts with their pale legs. And sandals will be slipped on to their non-pedicured feet complete with three-month-old chipped nail polish. And men will throw on their summer uniforms of t-shirts, Bermuda shorts and flip-flops.

But in the fall, there are some people who actually watch the forecast and celebrate every additional day that heavy coat can remain hung in the closet. They go out of the house wearing layers, the top one being a light jacket. But others, I think, just have a mental thing telling them that because it’s November, they must break out their sweaters, Ugg boots and wool hats and scarves.

It was in the mid-50s when I stepped off the train this morning, and a high of 60 degrees was forecasted. As I started my walk to the office, the wardrobes I witnessed varied as widely as the colors of the leaves on the trees. One woman was wearing a thin, summer-like floral dress with flip-flops, a few others were wearing wool coats, some were wearing no coat but a thick sweater, and others, still, were wearing only t-shirts or short-sleeved shirts. And then a woman walked by wearing a down feather coat accessorized with a matching hat and scarf set. Was she visiting from the Sahara Desert?! It provides good entertainment just watching everyone.

Besides the people-watching, the scenery I pass on my daily walks to the office make Chicago a not-so-bad place to be in the fall.


About travelerontherun

I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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