Paranormals apparently like the abnormal

Last night, I was in the kitchen, which has a large window that looks right out to our front stoop. It was dark outside and the lights were on inside so I couldn’t really see out to the front door. As I often do when home alone with the dogs, I started doing this silly dance, kind of my own version of the Irish jig, as I sang a song I was making up as I went along. (Don’t judge me. I spend a lot of time alone with the dogs, who happen to like my singing and dancing. They told me.) Just as I started laughing to myself at how silly I must look, the doorbell rang. OMG!! Someone is at the window and just witnessed that performance.

A few times over the past few years our doorbell has rung for no apparent reason. We look outside and no one is there and we would have definitely seen if someone had ding-dong-ditched us. The first time it happened, I made a half-joking comment about the house being haunted by the lady who lived there before us, a comment Brian didn’t find funny. The only explanation we could come up with is that it rings to alert us to low battery power in the chiming device.

When the bell rang last night, I wasn’t thinking about the possibility of the Phantom Doorbell Ringer, I just froze with complete embarrassment for a second. I finally ran to the door and was so happy and relieved to see no one standing there. It was The ghost of the lady who lived there before Phantom Doorbell Ringer, making a return!!!

About 20 minutes later, the dogs finally stopped barking so I decided to do an encore and started singing again. I’m not even kidding you, the house alarm beeped the noise that indicates a door has been opened. I turned and looked at the front door. Nothing. It was closed and locked. Then I jumped up, ran to the back door, which was also closed and locked tight, just as I had left it. I went around the house making sure all the windows were closed tight. They were.

I guess when I didn’t answer the doorbell, The ghost of the lady who lived here before Phantom Doorbell Ringer just came right in!

In the off-chance Phantom Doorbell Ringer really is the ghost of the lady who lived in the house before us, at least I know she has a sense of humor.


About travelerontherun

I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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2 Responses to Paranormals apparently like the abnormal

  1. I got CHILLS! How interesting 🙂 She probably wanted to learn the dance.

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