And we’re off … Just not today

It turns out preparing for a two-week road trip is a lot of work! We not only had to meet all of our work obligations, but we also had to pack, prep, clean and shop which, literally, took all day.

I had planned to do the cleaning and packing after work last night but I ended up staying at the office until after 7 p.m. and didn’t get home until after 8 p.m., starved. After I ate dinner and sat on the couch, something happened. The force of gravity felt especially strong and I had a hard time getting up. So I stayed 🙂 Brian said he had work to do in the morning anyway so I figured I would get what I needed to get done while he finished his work stuff up.

Knowing we wouldn’t get a full day of driving in, we had planned to get at least a few hours down the road. Brian decided that if we weren’t ready to go by 2 p.m., we would just wait until Saturday morning to leave. At 1:45 p.m., he extended the deadline until 3 p.m. I think it was about 4 p.m. when we decided to just bag the idea of leaving today. It’s probably just as well since it is now after 10 p.m. and about 10 minutes ago, I remembered yet another thing I needed to pack. 🙂

The plan is to get up at 4:20 a.m. and be on the road by 5 a.m. I think we’ll make it by 5 a.m., I’m just not sure that will be 5 a.m. local time 😉


About travelerontherun

I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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