Pleasant surprise at the end of a long day

When the alarm went off at way-too-early:30, Brian rolled over and said, “Let’s leave tomorrow.” I told him we should definitely leave today, but we should just fly down. Deciding that that would defeat the purpose of an RV adventure, we crawled out of bed and got prepared to leave.

As suspected, we didn’t pull out at 5 a.m., but we did pretty darn good at 5:45 a.m.! We drove a few hours and had almost made it to Indianapolis when we had to stop and get gas, which quickly became a theme with the average miles per gallon somewhere around 8 because of the heavy winds. (this is going to be an expensive trip!) We also had a quick bite to eat inside the trailer before jumping back on the highway. Once we got to Louisville, it was once again time to refuel the car and ourselves, so we stopped again.

We had decided before we left that at the very least, we were going to make it to Nashville, then we would decide how much further we wanted to drive. We anticipated getting there by 6p.m., but made it an hour and a half earlier. We were listening to the Steve Jobs biography on audiobooks, so it helped pass the time. We still felt pretty good (and by “we” I mean Brian; I still haven’t attempted to drive yet with the trailer) so we decided to continue on, but had to decide how far.

We started thinking of possible places to stop a few hours out. I knew some Camping World locations allowed overnight parking and then there is always Wal-Mart. I identified a Camping World with overnight parking just south of Birmingham, but it was going to be at least four hours until we made it that far. We decided to try it, but had a few Walmarts scoped out along the way, just in case.

The last hour was rough on us (and by “us” I mean Brian ;)) We turned off the audiobook so I could talk to him to keep him alert. He stayed alert in terms of awake, but we somehow exited off of I-65 and got on another highway. We needed gas anyway, so we stopped, a mere 20 minutes from our destination.

We finally arrived at the Calera Camping World a little bit past 9 p.m. When we pulled in, we decided it was worth the couple extra hours driving. They don’t just allow RVs in the lot, they have a lot specifically designated for overnight RV parking. And the best surprise of all, there were full hookups at each parking space! I had called earlier just to make sure we didn’t need to tell someone ahead of time we’d be there since we knew they would be closed by the time we arrived. The girl said it sometimes fills up as it’s first-come, first-served but she thought there were a few spaces open tonight. I thought that was a bit weird that they would fill up, but now I get it. A free overnight camping spot with full hook-ups? … Don’t mind if I do!!

There are quite a few other RVs here. Some look like they have been here a lot longer than the maximum one night, but there were still lots of spaces available. I feel like we are in on a well-kept secret! I think Camping World locations just might help us plan the route of our trip coming back!

The other good thing about those few extra hours on the road tonight is we are less than five hours from our first “planned” destination – Mobile, Alabama. We should arrive there early afternoon tomorrow. We’ll hit the road right after breakfast at the nearby Cracker Barrel, which has already been scoped out. 🙂


About travelerontherun

I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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4 Responses to Pleasant surprise at the end of a long day

  1. Anita Sanchez Mazy says:

    Wow, what a find! Good for you, Brian and the puppers. Did they like their first stop as well. Let me know how they reacted to this new experience. Hmmmm, Cracker Barrel – I’m so jealous. “Heart attack on a plate”, as Brian calls it. Next time you have to find out where they sell gas for a few cents less per gallon, then you can afford Cracker Barrel more than once! Thanks for your road trip update. Have a wonderful day. We love you.

  2. Jules Mazy says:

    Brings back memories of my travel trailer adventures—-going as far as I could each day and nite and of course DA GAS!! I pulled mine with a 1967 GTO Pontiac convertible, 4 barrel carb. and 8 miles to the gal. I needed to get to the job ASAP in order to pay for the gas. Nonetheless I enjoyed my trips, and the convenience of having my own digs ILO a hotel. I hope you do the same. Good luck and be safe. Papa Julio

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