Tuesday on the Island

The day got off to a great start with the beautiful run I went on. Once back at the campground, I got showered up and we loaded up the dogs and set out to explore the island outside of the park.

We stopped at the ranger station on the way out to officially check in since we arrived late last night. We had been talking earlier in the morning of how it seems like every person we have met since arriving in the south is so friendly. Everyone says hello, or at least waves and smiles. (Brian, always quick with the Jimmy Buffett references, called it the Changes in Lattitudes, Changes in Attitude phenomenom) The ranger was no different. He was eager to make a restaurant recommendation or give directions. And, he assured me, he or anyone else on staff would be happy to do what they could to help us enjoy our stay.

We ended up ay Harry A’s for lunch. It was mentioned in an article I came cross about how pet friendly St. George Island is, overall. Harry A’s is especially pet friendly as it not only allows pets, but strongly encourages patrons to bring them. They are allowed both inside the restaurant and outside on the patio. And the food wasn’t bad either! We both had Grouper, mine was on a salad, Brian’s was on a sandwich, and some peel and eat shrimp that was delicious.

Brian and Maya on the patio at Harry A's

After lunch, we took the dogs to the beach. Apparently, St. George is one of the few places in Florida that allows dogs on the beach. The dogs had a ball jumping in the water, then out-running the waves coming in.
Chasing waves
Walk along the beach.





Once we got them tired out, we took them back to the camper to rest while we went shopping for provisions. We had to drive back in to Apalachicola, about 20 minutes away, to find a grocery store. But we stocked up on enough to tide us over until we get to St. Augustine on Thursday.

After we returned, I took the dogs for another quick walk while Brian started a fire. After we sat and relaxed around the fire for a bit, we decided to just do roasted hotdogs for dinner – easy! Since I had the roasting forks out, and since I had burned all those calories on my morning run, I decided I deserved a s’more. Ok, maybe two. 🙂 Shortly after I finished my second s’more, it started to drizzle rain. The drizzle soon turned into a light rain, then a downpour.

We’re sitting inside the camper now, listening to the rain hit the roof and watching Macy pace the floors. She’s not a fan of the rain. 😦 It’s forecasted to continue raining until about noon tomorrow, so I think we’ll go souvenir shopping in the morning. I have to get my St. George ornament for my collection. Then the plan is to explore more of the park’s nature trails.

One of the park hosts came by earlier to tell us we should put our awning down because we’re supposed to get a wind storm tonight. Hopefully it won’t be anything that keeps us up!


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I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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