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You can’t out-crazy Vegas crazy

When you live in or near the city and take public transportation, it’s not uncommon to encounter the occasional crazy person. You know the type: they shout crazy, nonsensical stuff to no one in particular or dance around to the … Continue reading

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Sunrise on the Strip

I’m back from my week in Vegas. I had planned to update this blog more often while I was there, but the days were so long the last thing I felt like doing in my free time was writing. But … Continue reading

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Never gamble with bladder control

I took a break from the slot machines at the Margaritaville Casino (you didn’t think this Parrothead would go to Vegas without visiting Margaritaville, did you?) to visit the “facilities.” There was a small line and when a stall opened … Continue reading

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Vegas with a view

I left Chitown Saturday afternoon to head to Sin City. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this trip since A) it was for business (my day job), not pleasure B) It’s a nearly week-long trip. I have a maximum three-day … Continue reading Continue reading

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Showing love for the DFL runners

Every few months I always seem to come across online forums discussing the “problems” with people who take more than four hours to run a marathon. People debate whether or not these non-elite runners have any business being out there … Continue reading

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Cousins night out

For the past several years, my brother and I and our two cousins Lisa and Dave try to get together for a cousin’s night out. The four of us grew up as close as siblings so I miss them a … Continue reading

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Should you be running right now?

LOVE this!

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Super Princess Day

A few weeks ago I was walking to the train after work with my work BFF, Emily, when a bus drove by with an ad for the Disney on Ice show. I mentioned that I had thought of stealing a … Continue reading

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The Brady Bunch marathon training program

The small amount of running I have done since late fall is pretty embarrassing, so this weekend I decided to kick off my pre-marathon training with a distance of four miles or so. I plan to kick off my official … Continue reading

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Why I’m not Shamrock Shuffling this year

I came across this blog post today by Dean Karnazes on the Runner’s World website that turned out to be very timely. He asks in the post whether anyone has ever decided against signing up for a race because of … Continue reading

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