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You can’t out-crazy Vegas crazy

When you live in or near the city and take public transportation, it’s not uncommon to encounter the occasional crazy person. You know the type: they shout crazy, nonsensical stuff to no one in particular or dance around to the … Continue reading

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Sunrise on the Strip

I’m back from my week in Vegas. I had planned to update this blog more often while I was there, but the days were so long the last thing I felt like doing in my free time was writing. But … Continue reading

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Never gamble with bladder control

I took a break from the slot machines at the Margaritaville Casino (you didn’t think this Parrothead would go to Vegas without visiting Margaritaville, did you?) to visit the “facilities.” There was a small line and when a stall opened … Continue reading

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Vegas with a view

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Showing love for the DFL runners

Every few months I always seem to come across online forums discussing the “problems” with people who take more than four hours to run a marathon. People debate whether or not these non-elite runners have any business being out there … Continue reading

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Cousins night out

For the past several years, my brother and I and our two cousins Lisa and Dave try to get together for a cousin’s night out. The four of us grew up as close as siblings so I miss them a … Continue reading

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Should you be running right now?

LOVE this!

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