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Cancer v. the Constitution

I don’t get into political debates here much since I want this to be a happy place. But I can’t help it with this one. As I was saying to a co-worker the other day, if anyone is against the … Continue reading

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Marathon: T-minus 10 weeks

The early summer that we’ve been enjoying for the past couple of weeks has left us. The departure began on Saturday with a grey, cloudy sky and temperatures much lower than they have been. But, the cooler temps made the … Continue reading

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Number six, here I come!

note: Apologies for those of you who get the blog via email. This posted without my knowledge before there was even a header on it, so I had to resend. Sorry! As I have alluded to in a couple of … Continue reading

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The weekend of surprises

The last time I can remember taking a spontaneous trip with only a few hours of prep time was in the Spring of 2001. Brian and I had plans to leave the next morning to go camping in Wisconsin for … Continue reading

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First lakefront run of the season

I really wanted my first lakefront run of the season to be fabulous. It was, after all, a perfect day of unseasonably warm temperatures that created an ideal running situation. The run wasn’t bad – it ended on a good … Continue reading

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Tractor porn

Only in farming country will you come across a scene like this: We saw lots of tractors during our weekend visit to the Funny Farm. But this was the first time I have ever seen one filling up at the … Continue reading

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Weekend at the Funny Farm

We spent a long weekend at our friends’ farm in Wisconsin (a.k.a. The Funny Farm). It was our first trip there this year and we’re looking forward to spending a lot more time there this summer. We got very lucky … Continue reading

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