Cirque du Soleil Love

Lobby of The Mirage hotel, Las Vegas

Lobby of The Mirage hotel, Las Vegas

Before attending my first Cirque du Soleil show nearly 15 years ago, a friend who had seen the show before described it to me as like being in the middle of a dream. Everything is so surreal, the colors are so vivid and what you witness sometimes seems to defy what is humanly possible, like in a dream world.

Since I first heard about the Cirque Du Soleil Beatles Love show a few years ago I have wanted to see it. Any Cirque show would be great, and who doesn’t love the Beatles? What a perfect combination. I decided that would be my one big show splurge during my recent trip to Vegas. And it was worth every penny.

I don’t think amazing is a strong enough word to describe the experience. It was fun, beautiful, and awe-inspiring all wrapped up into one powerful 90-minute show.

The show is Cirque’s artistic interpretation of Beatles songs. I found out later that something like 140 Beatles songs are used for the show. I never would have guessed there were that many songs included. Some interpretations were more literal like Lucy literally flying in the sky with diamonds all around her, and Octopuses floating through what looked like a garden in the sky.

But don’t mistake literal interpretations of the songs for anything expected. I certainly would never have imagined the display that came with each song. Seeing the beauty unfold before me as I heard songs that reminded me of particular places, people and times in my life was just an indescribably moving experience.

The show is different from other Cirque shows in that there was less acrobatic stunts that Cirque shows are known for (although there was some of that), and more modern dance. Without having seen the show, I might have heard that and considered it a negative since the acrobatics are an amazing part of seeing a Cirque show. But with all of the beautiful dancing, the colorful costumes and breathtakingly beautiful stage design elements, I realized comparing it to other Cirque shows would be like comparing apples and oranges. But the comparison of the show to watching a dream was still spot on. After seeing three Cirque shows, I have not been able to come up with a better description of the experience of seeing a show.


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2 Responses to Cirque du Soleil Love

  1. I have never been myself, but I hear it is wonderful! We were supposed to go 2 years ago for my birthday, but no one wanted to go but me. HAHA! So we did not go. I am glad you had fun. It sounds soooo cool.

  2. I can’t believe no one else wanted to go!! I haven’t met one person disappointed with a Cirque show. They are absolutely amazing. If you get another chance to go, I demand you take it šŸ˜‰ haha

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