Number six, here I come!

note: Apologies for those of you who get the blog via email. This posted without my knowledge before there was even a header on it, so I had to resend. Sorry!

As I have alluded to in a couple of posts over the past week or so, I am attempting 26.2 v.6.

I will be returning to South Bend, Ind. and the Notre Dame campus on June 2 for the Sunburst marathon, my sixth full marathon, the second on this particular course.

The race is ten and a half weeks away. A normal marathon training program is 12 weeks, starting at a six- or eight-mile base. Despite my less than stellar run last week, I feel confident in my ability to run, or at least do something resembling a jog, for at least eight miles. I finished seven last night pretty comfortably.

I have some pretty grandiose ideas of setting a new personal record with this race. It’s still early enough in training to believe I can do it. ( this is called the denial phase of marathon training 🙂 ) The hurdle that will make or break this goal is the extra 10 winter pounds I am carrying.

I was reading this article on Active about losing weight before training. The article backed up my belief that right before marathon training is a great time to shed the pounds, also known as the “quick start.” You really don’t lose weight during marathon training (that’s not to say you don’t lose inches or gain muscle tone) so if you ramp up the exercise to lose the pounds before training starts you’ll not only be lighter, but your body will be a little more prepared for the physical part of marathon training. I was on track to start this weight loss thing about a month ago, the ideal starting point for a quick start. Then came a trip to Vegas, then my birthday celebration, then Brian’s step-dad’s celebration (with the best cake ever). Then came the Girl Scouts. Oh, those Girl Scouts. Their resolution-busting cookies led to my husband single-handedly funding the entire national organization for at least a year with his order (s).

So, yeah. My weight-loss goals were “interrupted.”

I’m going to focus very hard the next few weeks on weight loss while keeping my miles at a reasonable level that don’t require heavy carb-loading. Once I get to long runs in the teens (hopefully a few pounds lighter) I’ll start hitting the speed work routines and focus on that PR goal.

I’ve run my best races when I’ve trained up to 24 miles, but I’m just not sure that will be part of the plan this year since I’m getting off to such a late start. But I’m going to be working out a schedule over the next few days to carry me through the next 10 and a half weeks with goals to hit and routines to work on. We’ll see what I come up with and if I can squeeze a 24-mile run in. Part of the challenge is that you’re supposed to do your longest run three weeks out from the race. That leaves only seven and a half weeks to build up that mileage. Even building up to 20 miles (the longest run in a typical training program) seems daunting. Yikes. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress.

I’m excited for number six. It’ll be nearly three years since my last full marathon so it’s time. And if in 10 and a half weeks my goal changes from setting a PR to one of merely finishing, that’s ok too. Ten years ago, I could not have imagined walking 26.2 miles, let alone running. My 29-year-old mind would have been blown away knowing the 39-year-old version of me would be working on marathon number six. Part of my 39-year-old mind is blown away by that fact.


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I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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