My secret running route

Two weeks until taper time, five weeks to marathon

This week it seemed as if my discipline and dedication were being tested. But I’m happy to report I passed the test and got in all of my runs, with the exception of one, which I missed to visit my sick grandmother in the hospital. I think that’s an acceptable excuse.

I was not really looking forward to my long run this week since it was going to be 17 miles around my neighborhood and I was flying solo. The thing that can make or break a long solo run is the route. You have to either pick a route that’s scenic, or one that just allows you to get in the zone.

I discovered during training for my 2009 marathon that a nearby cemetery is actually a decent place to get in some good mileage without fighting traffic, waiting for stop lights and without all of the other annoyances that come along with running through the streets.

The cemetery is a rather large one south of me that is split in two sections. One section is about one and a quarter miles around the perimeter and the other is about three miles. It’s always beautifully manicured with big trees shading most of it. There are also the most delicious smelling lilac bushes around both sections.

Brian looked at me sideways when I told him where I was running. I started to feel weird about it but then remembered one time last year, a lady stopped her car and said to me she thought it was such a great idea to run there. On Saturday, I passed one other runner, two people walking dogs and one lady riding a bike. The groundskeepers I passed all waved and said hello. I figured if not even the groundskeepers looked twice, I was all good.

It’s not as scenic as, say, the forest preserve or wildlife refuge, where I also passed a few miles. But if you can get past the headstones and mausoleums, it’s not much different from running through a park. It’s a great place just to put on the headphones, transport your mind somewhere else and just run. And run. And run.

Weekly totals:
Total miles: 28 miles
Number of runs: three
Longest run: 17 miles
Cross-training: two strength-training sessions on Bowflex


About travelerontherun

I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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