Running friends to the rescue

With the exception of yesterday’s long run, this week of training was a big, fat fail.

I felt uninspired, unmotivated and just an overall sense of blah most of the week. I was also dealing with some cramping and pain in my popliteal tendon (the tendon behind the knee. And, yes, I totally just Googled that) and then there was a vomiting dog that interrupted my workout another day and so on and so on … Yep, just a big pile of excuses that had me feeling even worse by the end of the week due to my inactivity.

I knew I would need inspiration to go out for my long run this week. I was sure a good 19 miles of pounding the pavement would do my soul good, but I was not looking forward to spending three plus hours alone with my own thoughts. There are only so many conversations one can have with oneself over the course of three hours and none of those conversations seemed all that enticing.

Fellow TRAAGster Peter (the Greek member of the “Two Redheads And A Greek” running club) and honorary TRAAGster Joanne, Peter’s girlfriend, came to the rescue. They are training for the Sunburst Half Marathon and planned to do about 11 miles and agreed to do them with me.

I drove north to Montrose Harbor Sunday morning, ran six miles, then met up with Peter and Joanne for 11, and ended with two miles on my own. The combination of running and good company was exactly what I needed.

It was a perfect day to be on the lake. It started out a little overcast, but the sun soon burned the fog away. It warmed up a little, making a jacket unnecessary, but it never got too hot. It remained ideal running weather for the entire 19 miles.

Most of my lakefront runs are further south, but it’s always a nice change of pace to start north and run south. The views of the lake and of the skyline are always a nice distraction from the run.

Approaching Foster Beach

A foggy skyline.

The boaters entrance to Montrose Harbor

Peter, Joanne and I had a great time catching up — talking politics, family and work — and sharing some laughs. Running with friends always makes the time go by so quickly. I certainly needed the distraction this week, and they delivered. My whole outlook on the week and my blah attitude had changed by the end of the run.

Long runs always put me back on track in terms of my fitness goals, as well. Which is a good thing since the the race is only a few short weeks away. I need to make these last weeks count, especially this one since I start the taper after my next long run.

It’s a new week. I have a new attitude. OH! And I didn’t mention, I also have new shoes! That always makes me happy. So I’m perfectly primed to make these last weeks of training count.

Weekly totals: Pathetic. We’ll just leave it at that.


About travelerontherun

I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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3 Responses to Running friends to the rescue

  1. I understand about not being motivated. Last night I just simply did not want to move, then I thought to myself *if you step on the scale and hate the number, it is only your fault for not getting your butt up* I stepped on the scale, hated the number and went for a 30 minute walk 🙂 hahaha

    Ooo! What shoes did you get?

    • Hey! Good to see you back online!
      Yes, that scale can be a good motivator!!
      I ended up getting Asics. I’ve never run with them before. I have been using New Balance pretty much since I started running. I have tried a couple of others here and there and always returned them. I decided to try something new once again, and I LOVE the Asics!!

      • Thank You 🙂 I have heard WONDERFUL things about Asics. They are supposed to be the best brand and they are actually pretty reasonably priced too (at least the ones I have seen). I have Nike right now and while they may be super cute, they kind of my feet. I think I have a narrow foot. You should take a pic of the new shoes so I can be jealous!

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