We came, we saw, we got dirty

Vacation has officially begun. And it got off to a dirty start!

Yesterday Cheryl and I and her cousin-in-law Stacey did the Dirty Girl Mud Run and Oh my goodness, did we get dirty! But it was so much fun. I definitely think we found a new yearly tradition. We’re hoping to get an even larger team together next year with matching shirts. We saw many cute ideas for team names and themes. There were lots of tutu-wearing teams. One group played off the Brady Bunch theme and named their team the Boobie Bunch (the race benefits breast cancer) and had t-shirts that played off the Brady Bunch-esque tic tac toe set up with a different kind of bra in each square. I missed it, but Cheryl said she saw a girl in a bridesmaid dress.

Here’s the before:

And, the after:

The race is a womens-only, non-competitive race that isn’t timed so everyone can go at their own pace. You can even skip an obstacle if needed, so anyone can participate regardless of fitness levels. But, for those of us who did all of the obstacles, there was likely at least one or two that took everyone outside their comfort zone. Our group went through every one of the obstacles, even the tall ones, which were the ones that took me outside my own comfort zone. I am happy to report, I completed every obstacle. I did not fall once. And no bones were broken in the running of this race.

The obstacles included tire fields, hay bale mountain climbs, wall climbs, rope net climbs and mud pits. Lots of mud pits.

Beginning of the race, after the first mud pit.

The wall. That’s me going over the top. This was the most challenging because of the very thin boards you had to use to climb that became very slick after hundreds of muddy shoes went over them.

Entering the last mud pit.

Approaching the finish line. You think Cheryl’s having fun?!

Many of the mud pits had debris in them that caused a bad case of road rash on both knees and elbows. And I’m pretty sure one of the mud pits had cow dung in it. The stench was awful!
The race felt more like fun than an athletic accomplishment. But, man! Are my arms sore today! It was worth every bit of soreness I feel today. We had a blast.


About travelerontherun

I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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3 Responses to We came, we saw, we got dirty

  1. Love obstacle course races… sad I am not allowed in this one! lol Glad you had fun!!

  2. This was the first obstacle race I have done and it was so much fun! I think I’ll look for others to do.

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