At least the trailer is secure

Monday night we made it up to Indian Trails in Pardeeville to start the camping portion of our vacation. And, less than 12 hours into our trip I already had a story to file in the “Stuff that would only happen to me” category.

Brian realized when he was getting ready for bed Monday night that he forgot his medications. He decided to get up early in the morning to drive home to get them. He left at about 5:30 and I went back to sleep after he left. About an hour and a half later I was awoken by a loud WOOSH WOOSH WOOSH noise. I jumped up and looked out the windows to see big dust clouds and trees blowing in the wind. The loud whooshing noise was our canopy that looked like it was in complete distress and close to bending or breaking.

It’s an automatic canopy but there are little wheel things to tighten the poles or loosen them to slant it in one direction to drain the rain water. Those have to be loosened to bring the canopy in. I jumped outside and started loosening the wheels as I watched a yard sign we have that is held in the ground by rebar bend at a complete 90-degree angle and hit the ground. I rushed back to the door to get back inside to the switch to roll the awning in. I pulled on the handle to open the door and it didn’t budge.

This can’t be. I had to unlock the door to come out if it. It must just be stuck.

Wiggle. Wiggle wiggle.

Panick!!! Wiggle wiggle.


I wiggled that handle for at least 20 minutes until I, literally, had blisters on the tips of my fingers and it was not budging. Not budging at all. I walked around the camper looking for … Well, I’m not sure what I was looking for. But whatever it was, I did not find it.

At this point the dogs were inside getting a little panicked, as well. They started whimpering and barking as I continued to pull on the handle that was not moving.

I finally accepted the fact I was not getting in. I started weighing my options: wait outside until Brian gets back … in at least six hours; bust the door open by … doing something. I wasn’t quite sure what; or call Brian and tell him to turn around.

I decided to call Brian. The only problem: my cell phone was inside. I could go to the office, which doesn’t open for another hour, or ask someone to loan me their cell phone. Since it’s during the week, the campground is not even half full. The closest neighbors are on the other side of the lake. I started my walk of shame around the lake but turned around five seconds later when I felt my boobs flopping around.

I realized I was in a thin t-shirt with no bra on.

Brian had hung a sweaty t-shirt on the awning the night before because it was so sweaty, the entire thing was wet. I slipped it on over my own t-shirt to provide a little more, um, coverage. It was still damp. Ick!!

So now I’m back on my walk around the campground braless, stinky, and walking with my arms crossed as if it’s 50 degrees and chilly as opposed to the 90+ degrees it actually was. At least I was wearing pants.

The first person I stopped was an older lady I figured would have pity on me and my poor trapped dogs. Even after I explained the situation, she gave me a not-so-sincere “yeah, sorry” saying she didn’t think she had a signal, and kept walking. Cat people. I hate them.

I felt like if I switched my t-shirt(s)out for a tube top, my situation would have looked a lot like a domestic call on the show Cops.

“Officer, my huzbin done an’ locked me out of my trailer and my dogs are up in there.”

Next I went to a campsite of a group of people who were packing up to leave. They didn’t seem all that concerned with my situation either, but did offer up a cell phone.

I reached Brian, who was way more level-headed and calm than I was. But, he was not the one flopping around the campground without a bra. He was already half way home so he didn’t think it would do much good to turn around since it would be about two hours before he made it back. I had forgotten that not even a month ago we signed up for AAA roadside assistance for the RV, which includes lock-out situations. He said he would call them and I should call him back in 15 minutes.

The people whose phone I was using appeared almost ready to leave. I figured it had to be going on 8 o’ clock when the front office opened, or so I thought. I decided I’d walk up there to call Brian back. I thanked the guy for the use of his cellular device and continued walking.

I got to the office and discovered they don’t open until 9! Great! I’d have to flip flop flap to another campsite and ask for another loaner phone. I went up to a guy who appeared to be my age with a pre-teen daughter. I explained the situation and they were far more compassionate than the other folks I encountered. They were also dealing with their own wind-related incident as the wind had caught their canopy and blew it into the side of his truck, scratching the whole passenger side. It was then I realized I never got my own canopy down. It at this point, the wind had died down.

Brian said a locksmith would be there in about 20 minutes. Meantime, the fellow camper guy followed me back to our campsite with the keys to his and his friend’s campers. We figured since most campers had two locks, one being a sort of master-type lock that dealerships use, the other a deadbolt, it was worth a shot to try the master lock keys. No luck. We even tried the old credit card trick, also with no luck.

The guy commented on how nice the trailer is. I thanked him and told him it was also very secure.

The locksmith, who wasn’t really a locksmith at all but rather a towing and recovery guy, showed up right on time surprised to see it was a camper I was locked out of (huge shocker considering he was sent to a campground) He said something about having other tools for RVs but AAA didn’t tell him anything or some such, blah, blah, blah. He had a few tools to try and pry the door open. After trying the first couple of tools with no luck, he took a walk around the camper looking for the same unknown thing I had looked for about an hour earlier.

“So there’s no other way in there?”

Ummm… Of course there is, I just wanted to see how fast you could get here.

After trying a few more things with no luck, and the dogs going crazy inside, he stopped and started thinking of other things to try.

“So the keys are inside?”

Yes, he really asked that. I think the look I shot him was sufficient enough of an answer and he started back working at prying the door open.

He finally got it open after bending the crap out of the outside of the door. Thankfully we are already getting a new door very soon due to some body work gone wrong last year.

We discovered that the problem was the two-lock set up. The master lock key can only be turned from the outside. When Brian left, he locked both locks. The door will open from the inside with that lock locked from the outside, but it doesn’t actually unlock without you turning the key from the outside. So I was able to open the door to get out, but when it shut, it locked behind me.

In other words, it was Brian’s fault. đŸ™‚

Yeah, yeah, I didn’t know about the lock situation either so it wasn’t entirely his fault, but since I was the one causing a flopping boob scene at the campground, I’ll let him take responsibility for this one. Meantime, I think I need to put the keys on a chain around my neck.


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I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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5 Responses to At least the trailer is secure

  1. rlogan1155 says:

    I too locked us out. Accidentally locked the truck keys and the trailer keys in the truck with the dog. Fortunately we were close to the dealers and were able to get a ride there to pick up their master key and then to the trailer to pick up the spare truck key, back to the truck to rescue the dog. Fortunately it was a cool rainy day so no ill effects for the dog. We went right out and bought several sets of spare keys and hid them in various places on both vehicles. Of course it will probably never happen again, but it’s best to be prepared. By the way how is your awning.
    Ruth from At Home on the Road

  2. Dlees says:

    Ha, ha… this could only happen to you. Glad everything worked out okay.
    Happy 4th of July!

  3. In one story you have too many bras.. in this story you have no brad to spare! You and bras… there is something going on there. Hahaha. Brian.. Everytime!! Hahaha. Glad it turned out alright. Thank God for AAA!!!

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