Party on the roof

As I mentioned yesterday, after my long run on Saturday, Brian and I went to a combined bachelor/bachelorette party for friends who are getting married next month.

The party was in Wrigleyville which, for you folks not from the Chicago area, is home to Wrigley Field, where the Cubs play. The field is located in the middle of a residential area and most of the buildings that surround the field have bleachers on their rooftops where game-watching parties are held.

It used to be that the residents who lived in the buildings had access to the rooftops. Actually, it was at one of these buildings where Brian and I had our first unofficial date when we both ended up at the same party thanks to a mutual friend. But most all of the rooftops are now corporate-owned and are rented out for private parties, like the one we attended Saturday.

We were at the Lakeview Baseball Club, which was very nice. There’s a nice set-up with about three levels of party space, each with a view of the field. Although the views were good, there wasn’t much game watching going on since we were all too busy catching up, laughing, eating, drinking and celebrating our friends’ upcoming nuptials.

The bride, Colette, with her brother

Brian doing … Well, not quite sure what he is doing, exactly, with friend Paul.

Also surrounding Wrigley Field are lots and lots of restaurants, bars and dance clubs. Since about the time I turned 30, I usually make a quick escape out of the neighborhood after every game I attend since the area turns into amateur hour with barely legal drunkards making fools of themselves. I generally have little patience for that. But since we were with a group, I figured it wound be fun to hit a few of the local establishments after we left the rooftop club house. And fun we had. There were lots of laughs, dancing, singing and a general display of Tomfoolery, including this rendition of Sweet Caroline ( bom, bom, bom) caught in a picture.

Even though I felt like a 20-something for a few hours, I showed my age when Brian and I went to check in to our hotel room after having dinner in River North (we decided to stay downtown instead of dealing with the drive home). I went up to the room while he grabbed our bags from the car, which was parked down the street. The plan was to check in then head back out and possibly meet up with Brian’s step sister who was in town for a wedding. But by the time Brian made it up to the room, I was asleep on the chair. I won’t embarrass myself any further by saying how shockingly early it was at this point. Haha I’ll blame my fatigue on that long run I did before the revelry started. But the day was fun while it lasted!

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I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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