Pretty thankful, for an old broad

I guess it has been a while since I have updated! The last month or so has been “interesting” with my body reminding me of the upcoming milestone of 40. Just when I thought I would reverse the lazy, inactive trends that took hold over the summer, and have an active fall and, literally, not take 40 lying down, my body said, “Yeah. Sorry, honey. I have other plans.” Then it let out a very loud, evil laugh … Bwahhhhh hahahah.

It started in October when I headed to Grand Rapids to run that half marathon I signed up for in the early summer. October is such a great month to visit Michigan because of the beautiful fall foliage so we decided to make it a combo camping-running weekend.

As I was loading up the RV for the trip, I turned down to set down a plastic tub that we use to carry things back and forth from the trailer. When I sat the tub down and came back up, one half of my back went one way and the other half went the other way. At least that’s what it felt like and a sharp pain set it. I stretched it out, walked around a bit until the pain went from sharp and debilitating to dull and sore. I took a few ibuprofens (aka my “wonder drug”) and we headed out. I thought after a little rest I would fine.

After a four hour drive we arrived at the campground. I got out of the truck feeling a little sore but the pain was tolerable — until it wasn’t. Without any warning at all, my entire back seized up and it was nearly impossible to move. I knew I wasn’t going to be running that race. We (well, by “we,” I mean Brian) packed up and we headed back home the next morning with me still in excruciating pain.

First thing Monday morning I went to my super fabulous chiropractor and she said I slipped something. Can’t remember what it was but it wasn’t a disc and it was down near my hips. Whatever it was that slipped was pinching a nerve. Being the magical healer that Dr. Jen is, she had me fixed up and back to normal in about a week.

Back to the program, I thought. Again, my body had other plans.

Almost three weeks ago I was working out on the Bosu ball. It’s that half ball thing with a platform on one side. I was about 20 minutes or so into my workout when I started doing step-ups. I stepped up, down, up, down, up … POP!! UGHH!!! There goes Pam, to the ground.

Worst. Pain. Ever.

The pop came from my right calf. I heard it before I felt it. But once I felt it, I REALLY FELT IT. Being a runner, I tried to “walk it off” which resulted in me falling directly to my hands and knees. I tried to stretch it, but every time I tried, it made the pain worse. After about 15-20 minutes I knew it wasn’t just a creek or crack. I really messed something up. After a trip to the ER, I discovered it was a ruptured tendon. The plantaris tendon, to be exact.

Fortunately, it was not the Achilles’ tendon, in which case I would have needed surgery. The plantaris tendon serves no real purpose. In fact, the doctor told us that 10-20% of people don’t even have a plantaris tendon. Since it serves no purpose, they don’t do anything to repair it. It just takes a while for it to stop hurting and for the muscles around it, which got torn in the process, to heal. So the good news is, it can’t rupture again. The bad news, I have another leg.

It was painful to be sure. But what hurt even worse was when the doctor said it was a “common injury among active people WHEN THEY START TO AGE.” OUCH!!! Jerk.

I’m almost three weeks out from the injury and doing much better. Was on crutches, pretty much immobile, for about five days. Another week was spent limping. This week has been spent walking somewhat gingerly with an occasional tweaking when I turn it a certain way or stretch the calf a little to far. It’ll probably be a few more weeks before I am able to run on it again.

If the injury was bound to happen, I’m glad it happened when it did as opposed to, say, last week, right before our scheduled trip to Florida. As immobile as I was, we probably would not have been able to take the trip. So, I’m happy to report that I’m writing this from a beachside campground in St. Augustine enjoying a fabulous Thanksgiving morning. We’re heading out in a bit for a big family dinner with Brian’s immediate family who are all here, as well.

North Beach Camp Resort, St. Augustine, Fl.

Tomorrow we are heading down to the Keys for a week, returning to Long Key State Park, the gem of a state park we discovered last year while here which we were lucky enough to book for this year.

So, as I said, it’s been an interesting few weeks. But on this day of thanks, in addition to my wonderful family and friends, I am thankful for my health and for my family’s health. My family has had its share of medical calamities this year and at the moment, everyone is doing well. Thank you, Lord!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope to not go as long before the next post as I was with getting this one out. Hopefully it won’t be long until I have more “active” adventures to report on, as well!


About travelerontherun

I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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