Injury free but out of shape

Hello, again! Happy New Year!

Hope everyone is doing well and had good holidays. Mine were very nice. I had to work in between all of the festivities after blowing my vacation days for our Thanksgiving trip to Florida, so the holidays weren’t a vacation, but lovely nonetheless.

I guess I could use the business of work and holidays as an excuse for the long hiatus. But that would be only partly accurate. Truth is, I’ve been feeling lazy and deflated. And the more deflated I felt, the lazier I got. About blogging, about running, about exercising in general, about working, etc., etc. but it’s a new year and a new start. Or something. Bottom line: I have some work to do on me. And it’s time. New Year aside.

The recovery from the ruptured tendon in November has been a little longer than I thought it would be, even though the doctor warned me it would hurt for some time. But even when I felt virtually no pain walking, I would speed up to something resembling a jog and my leg would scream back at me, “Not yet, my friend. Not yet.” Actually, I don’t think it was that polite. It was more like, “Ha!! What are you THINKING?! This. This running thing you are trying to do? Yeah. I don’t think so.”

About two weeks ago I strapped on an Ace bandage before heading out for a walk with the dogs. After a few blocks, I started running and got a whole four or five blocks before my leg tweaked. I slowed back to a walk for a few more blocks then tried again and did well for a few more blocks before I had to slow it down again. This went on for about 20 minutes. It wasn’t fast and it wasn’t pretty, but it was an encouraging start. This past Saturday I did the same and ended up running a total of about 1.5 miles only stopping for traffic and for the dogs (it was a bathroom run for them).

I guess after training for a few marathons I often don’t feel like I have had a real workout if I only do a mile or so. I know it’s silly. Stupid, really. I remember when I first started running how excited I was when I made it to four miles, this after many, many weeks of training. I could hardly believe I had gone that far. This was before iPhone and running apps etc. I went out for a run and ran until I was too tired to continue. I came home and mapped my route on Mapquest (sounds so old school, right?) and couldn’t believe I had gone four whole miles. Four miles seems so minimal a distance now, but it also feels like that minimal distance would destroy me.

The point is, I just need to get out there and run even if it’s only a mile or two at a time. Any running is better than what I have been doing (nothing). I need to be patient with myself, but also disciplined. The more disciplined I am, the sooner I get back to longer distances.

But, that said, I’m not sure I have a marathon in me this year (maybe, though), but I can definitely do some half marathons. I just have to get back in shape. I’m already signed up for the Grand Rapids race in October. When my back went out before last year’s race I was able to defer the entrance to this year. The wild card will be the Sunburst Marathon in June. If I’m not up to the full marathon distance I’ll do the half. If half marathons are all I have in me this year, that’s ok. I’ll shoot for a half PR.

First things first. I have to get back in running shape. I have gained 7 pounds since my leg injury. Add that to the four I gained after my back injury and well, I have some weight loss goals to meet. I’m going to come up with an exercise plans that includes running and lots of other cardio. I think cardio will be key to me getting the weight off. Well, cardio combined with a diet that isn’t 75% Ghiradelli and Godiva. 🙂


About travelerontherun

I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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3 Responses to Injury free but out of shape

  1. jsnapp62 says:

    Muscles and tendons are hard to heal. I’m nursing a bad hip right now. It feels better after a couple of hours rest and then I get up and do too much and can’t walk without a cane for awhile. Pray you get better soon.

    • The thing with muscles is that the more you move them, even though it hurts, the better you’ll be. Too much rest and they get stiff and achy again. But it can burt so bad to move! Thanks for the prayers. I’m much better. I just need to build my stamina again … And get these extra pounds off. Hope your hip gets better soon. Did you do something to injure it or did it just start hurting?

      • jsnapp62 says:

        an old injury from a walk-a-thon. When cold, bursitis sets in. Suggested to stay off until inflamation goes away but that can’t happen with care taking mom.

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