My quest to be a morning person. Again.

Since we returned from our trip I have been wanting to get started on my half marathon training but have had a difficult time getting started.
The problem is my mid-week runs. I’ve tried a few times before to gets my runs done in the morning and each time my efforts fail less than a week in and I go back to my after-work runs. I have recently accepted the fact the evening runs are simply not working out as planned.
My intentions to run after work are always good. I leave the office motivated to go running but by the time I walk in the door I’m either tired, or starving, or both, or the humidity is just too extreme. Lately it’s been the humidity.
On Tuesday I got home and changed into my running gear. Since it was so hot and humid I decided to walk the dogs before my run. It was way too hot to take them running with me. We walked for a mile and a half and by the time we made it back to the house, I was drenched with sweat and absolutely beat. I bailed on the run and instead got on the spin bike which is located in my very cool basement.
At least I got a workout in, I told myself. But spinning isn’t going to get me trained for a half marathon. I started to revisit this whole morning run idea.
I’m not sure what my problem is, because I get up early on the weekends and run. Actually, I do know what my problem is. I don’t have to stay awake and use my brain for the rest of the day on a Saturday or Sunday like I do during the week. But I decided getting a three-mile run in would only require getting up 30 minutes earlier. If I could do that for a few weeks, maybe I could then stretch it to 45 or 50 minutes earlier, allowing me time to get in a five-mile run. Doesn’t sound too bad in theory. It’s the actual getting up and out the door that’s the problem. But, I decided, convincing myself to get up and run in the morning will be easier than convincing myself to run when I get home in the evening.
So, today was Day 2. I did just over three miles yesterday morning then ran the same route in the opposite direction this morning. I have to say, the temperatures were absolutely perfect. Much better than conditions that make me feel like I am running with a wet blanket wrapped around me. I ran an awesome pace and even managed to work in some dreaded fartleks . For you non-runners, I’m not talking about passing gas while running. A fartlek is an interval training technique where you do bursts of running at a pace significantly faster than your norm. It’s supposed to help build speed but it also brings your heart rate up for a better caloric burn.
The first half mile or so of each run were a little painful. I think my muscles were still at home in bed. But once I got warmed up, the running was pleasant. I felt great when I was done.
I had pretty good energy throughout the day, although I did take a quick nap while getting a massage at the chiropractor’s office yesterday.
Side note: I’m still having hip issues that have become more of an annoyance than anything. It hurts if I sit too long. It hurts when I ride in the car too long. It hurts when I run. The chiro didn’t see anything obvious. If it continues giving me problems I’ll have to pay the ortho a visit.
Today also went well. I felt like I had pretty good energy all day. I also felt like I had good focus at work.
My long run will be tomorrow or Sunday, then next week we’ll see how things go. I’m undecided how many days I will shoot for. I’m also undecided if on non-running days I should still get up at the same earlier time as a way of training my body. I could do my cross-training workouts in the morning, too, I guess. Something to mull over during my long run.
Any morning people out there? How do you do it? Same time every morning, even non-running days? If so, how do you spend that extra time in the morning if you’re not running?


About travelerontherun

I am a chronic adventurer who loves to see and experience new places. What I really love most is experiencing those places after parking my RV and lacing up my running shoes.
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